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FlyOver Canada

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  • FlyOver Canada

For over a decade, visitors have enjoyed exhilarating flight simulations, soaring over stunning natural scenery at downtown Vancouver’s Canada Place. In its latest update, this attraction has taken its immersive experience to new heights, thanks to cutting-edge audio processing powered by IOSONO.

A carefully designed high-quality PA system comprising over 50 loudspeakers, integrated by Kraftwerk Living Technologies, ensures an optimized auditory journey, making every flying seat count. IOSONO processing and content creation are fully integrated into the workflow and show control, allowing for future content interchangeability across other FlyOver sites.

With object-based mixing, content creators now have the flexibility to focus with full attention to the details of the mix.

Using advanced technology, we capture thrilling, authentic footage of real locations so riders can experience those places as they truly are. Located in downtown Vancouver’s Canada Place, FlyOver Canada whisks you away on an exhilarating journey over the world’s most spectacular scenery. Special effects—including wind, mist and scents—combine with the ride’s motion to create an unforgettable experience.

FlyOver Canada
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