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Ark Discovery House

  • Zoo Leipzig

Nestled within the historic big cats’ house, this innovative immersive experience at Zoo Leipzig serves as a gateway to understanding species conservation and the zoo’s unwavering commitment to protecting highly endangered primates in Vietnam. At the heart of this captivating journey is a 360° video projection, seamlessly complemented by a surrounding array of over 30 loudspeakers. Each of these speakers is individually driven and controlled by the IOSONO processor. The technical integration is expertly managed within the show control and maintenance routines, skillfully overseen by ils Medientechnik, making the IOSONO processor a reliable tool for creating the immersive atmosphere the zoo aimed to provide, delighting its visitors. For an added layer of authenticity, a dedicated object-based audio mix incorporates original field recordings from the vibrant landscapes of Vietnam, alongside exclusive music compositions by Lukas Taido. These elements combine to make this project truly distinctive and an unforgettable experience. Explore this remarkable project at Zoo Leipzig, where technology and conservation converge to educate and inspire.

“A special highlight is the main room: a room-filling immersive experience that is one of its kind in the whole of Germany: impressive 360° projections on all of the walls, the ceiling and the floor immerse you in our commitment to species protection for highly endangered monkey species in Vietnam. The film scenes are accompanied by a specially composed and arranged soundtrack. You will go on a boat trip in Halong Bay, which is where you will find Cat Ba Island. There you will meet the last remaining and critically endangered golden-headed langurs.”

Zoo Leipzig